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Special Education

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Parents of children with disabilities sometimes disagree with their school districts regarding services, supports, placement, academic progress and other issues related to special education. When you find that you are at such an impasse, it is time to get help. Getting advice from a lawyer as early in the process can help you develop appropriate strategies to support your child’s educational rights. 

The Law Office of Claudia I. Pringles can provide you with legal advice about the laws and give you the assistance you need to help your child reach his or her personal potential. The school years are key to helping a disabled child  progress and to help him or her get the best chance of becoming an independent and productive adult. It’s important not to waste any valuable time in getting your child the help he or she needs. 

Some common special education/ Sec. 504 related issues  include:

  • eligibility for special education
  • eligibility for Section 504 plan
  • IEP not being followed/compliance issues
  • accommodations not being provided
  • Child is struggling academically or not making adequate progress
  • Child is not allowed on field trips
  • Lack of expertise at school for my child’s particular disability
  • Behavioral problems
  • Suspension

Legal assistance can vary from document review & consultation to “behind the scenes” support to in-person meetings at the school, depending on the needs of individual client. For assistance, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.